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DecoyD E C O Y

Mira Books
February 2004
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Jasmine introduces a compelling new heroine, gallery owner Melody Beecham, in this first title in a thrilling new romantic suspense trilogy.

A Young Woman Discovers Her Identity Is Based On a Lie.

Art gallery owner Melody Beecham was raised in the elite social circles of her English mother, Rosalind, and her American father, Wallis Beecham, a self-made millionaire. But when her mother dies suddenly, a shocking truth is revealed: Wallis is not Melody's father. Worse, he is a dangerous man.

Furious, Melody is determined to uncover the secrets hidden at the heart of Beecham's vast empire, unaware that her actions are being monitored by members of a covert government agency known as Unit One. And Unit One has decided to recruit Melody, believing her connections will be invaluable in penetrating the highest political circles. They simply have to blackmail Melody into joining them.

Look for Full Pursuit and Final Justice, the final two books in Jasmine's trilogy!

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