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Empire of the HeartEmpire of the Heart
Scandalous Heroines Series

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In an exotic and dangerous land, their fates became entwined...

Accompanying her father on a diplomatic mission to Afghanistan, Lady Lucinda Larkin was kidnapped and enslaved by a brutal khan who was determined to thwart British efforts to bring peace. Escape was impossible until Rashid, a trader in stolen weapons, arrived in court and dared to rescue her. On the perilous journey back to India, Lucinda discovered what it meant to feel desire for a man she should never have trusted and yet couldn’t resist. Then, as quickly as he had entered her life, Rashid vanished...

Returning to England, Lucy tried to forget a man who had no place in the life of a proper English lady. But then she met Lord Edward, the Baron Ridgeholm. And something in his dark, sensuous eyes stirred her deepest passions and her yearning for Rashid. Why could she not shake the feeling that she and Lord Edward were not meeting for the first time?

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