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The RefugeT H E  R E F U G E
Sequel to The Inheritance

May 2006 (reissue)
Only 4.99!
Order at amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com

"Ms. Cresswell masterfully creates a full, rich story with characters who will touch your heart. She drops clues skillfully, unwinding the tale piece by piece in such a way as to capture readers from the very first."
-- Romantic Times on The Refuge

One of the Top Picks for October 2000 from Romantic Times!

Nestled in the Colorado Rockies, the Wainscott Ranch is a place of hope and promise for expectant mothers from war-torn regions of the globe. Here, women with nowhere to go, and no one to help them, find refuge.

Though raised in a life of privilege, Marisa Joubert, too, has escaped a terrible fate and understands the fear of being alone, penniless, and frightened. Determined to start over and support her young son alone, she lands a position at Wainscott as a bookkeeper. Yet almost immediately she senses that something there is very wrong.

When one of the young women disappears, Marisa's suspicions escalate. Especially about Jimmy, the janitor, who may not be as innocent as he pretends to be. He is a man who could be friend or enemy, a man who could be searching for answers...or desperately trying to cover them up. Marisa knows he's somehow involved in the mysterious events at Wainscott. But which side is he on?

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