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Empire of the HeartThe Princess
Scandalous Heroines Series

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If they can trust each other, they will change the future of their country....

Princess Anna Teresa, daughter of the Grand Duke of Carthia, has been ordered to marry her cousin, to insure peace for her troubled country. When she is the sole survivor of a brutal massacre, she naturally flees to the protection of her fiance's castle stronghold. But her fiance, now the ruling Grand Duke, refuses to acknowledge that the woman seeking refuge is his affianced bride.

Insisting that the real princess lies in her coffin, the Grand Duke forces Anna to marry his prisoner, the mysterious Prince Stefan. Anna's life is now in Stefan's hands. Stefan knows only that the claims she makes about her identity can't possibly be true. The fact that he finds her dangerously attractive makes trusting her even more difficult. As for Anna, she knows only that Stefan is a dedicated revolutionary, opposed to everything she's been taught to believe. Her heart tells her she can trust him. But if she is wrong, she will lose her life and Carthia will lose its freedom.

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