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The Trouble With LoveT H E   T R O U B L E
W I T H   L O V E

Harlequin Books
February 2003
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Jasmine Cresswell's The Perfect Bride
Caitlin Howard was tricked off! If high-powered lawyer Alec Woodward needed a wife, he should have called a matchmaker – not her personnel replacement agency. But what really rankled Caitlin was that Alec hadn't asked her if she was interested in the position.

Kristin Gabriel's Monday Man
Nick Chamberlin hated Mondays. He'd crashed his car on a Monday. He'd taken the rap on a Monday for a crime he hadn't committed. And then he met Lucy Moore – on a Monday. By Tuesday this beautiful, kooky woman had endangered his life ... and by Wednesday he knew he couldn't live another week without her.

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